Research Topics

Effective Thermal Energy Utilization and Energy Conservation Process       
~ for CO2 emission reduction ~

 Performing the utilization of energy effectively is strictly needed for reducing the CO2 emissions. This laboratory aims to develop the technology of effective thermal energy using the utilization of waste energy which more than half of this energy is unused. Utilizing the source of waste energy contributes to reduction the CO2 emissions.
   Therefore, it is expected that the industrial plants that consume a large of energy can implement the development of conservasion of energy and energy resources.

Research Introduction                                                                                                         
~ Thermal Storage Group, Droplet Group and Combustion Group ~

 In the laboratory, 'Thermal Storage Group' concerns how to develop the equipments considering to thermal energy efficiency,  'Droplet Group' investigates the analysis of energy conservation process in inkjet method, 'Combustion Group' performs the research concerning to coal/biomass utilization and the combustion mechanism of DME reburning and Fuel-NO combustion.        


Thermal Storage Group 

 Latent heat storage and particle packed bed that can provide the process of efficient heat transfer become the important topic. The research also concerns on high thermal conductivity of carbon fiber that can promote the technology of heat transfer enhancement.

Droplet Group

  Generally, a small droplet is directly printed in a paper if using the ink-jet printer. An ink-jet method has been attempted as a method of fabricating nano- and micro-structures for electric devices such as organic electroluminescence(OEL) displays in recent years. The benefits of using the inkjet method are to simplify the manufacturing processes, which leads to reductions of raw materials and energy comparing with the present methods. However, it is not easy to make flat films for industrial devices by ink-jet. This group investigates the shape of thin film formation from small droplet and aims to show the cause of the final shape of thin film through the experimental and numerical investigations.

Combustion Group

  We work on the environmental prablem. Its regulation is becoming severe with the technical development. Specifically, we aim at energy saving, such as low cost and reduction of excretions. We go a new device and the technical fundamental researches and examination from an experiment and the both sides of the numerical analysis.

The following three subjects of research are tackled now.
PM removal device using fluidized bed
The soray combustion using nonequilibrium plasma
Fine mist cooling